Inhalosedation 30 min

Inhalosedation is a safe method of sedating the patient, used in parallel with dental treatments in certain situations. This gives an important degree of relaxation that helps to pacify the patient during dental procedures. Inhalosedation acts immediately, the sedation level can be controlled by the doctor, and the final recovery is very rapid (3-5 minutes).


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A full consultation is the first step for healthy teeth! No cavity, and visit the dentist always be a pleasure. Prophylaxis is the solution. This includes all maneuvers that aim to prevent caries and their recurrence. We add the increase in enamel resistance to carious attack and tooth cleansing. Dental hygiene involves all the methods of cleaning the teeth. The dentist performs professional hygiene in the dental office. Take care and instruct you about self-care that you are doing at home.

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